Thoroughbred / Standardbred Race Formula – The Champions Standard

by | Feb 20, 2019 | Articles, Horse Care

Is your horse worth the price of Race Formula?

Five Eclipse Award winning and Hall of Fame Thoroughbred Trainers thought so, as well as many other leading trainers of thoroughbreds and standardbreds, in the past and present. The use of Race Formula may eventually add your name to that list.

Do not consider purchasing Race Formula unless you want to increase your Win or In The Money percentages as well as reduce your horses form reversal cycle. In so doing Race Formula will increase your horses opportunity to compete more frequently and provide you with more earnings opportunities. This alone can pay for Race Formula.

Race Formula is a scientifically formulated proprietary blend of ingredients designed, to improve your horses health, digestive capacity, metabolic fitness, increase red blood cell production and performance level. It is ideal for all breeds of horses that are involved in competition such as thoroughbreds, standardbreds, quarter horses, Arabians, Polo ponies, Grand Prix and Dressage level horses and horses competing in distance and stamina events. Race Formula being all natural passes all racing jurisdiction requirements as a daily and a Pre-Race feed additive and has done so for over 40 years. RACE FORMULA – “the name says it all.”


Some of the noted thoroughbred Stakes winners who competed while on Race Formula include: Spectacular Bid (G1), Slew o’ Gold (G1), Cozzene (G1), Princess Rooney (G1), Maplejinsky (G1), Miss Eloise (G1) Deputy Minister (G1), Quiet Little Table, Timely Writer (G1) Fit to Fight (G1) Nasty and Bold (G1), Who’s For Dinner (G1), Maudlin (G3), High Schemes (G1), Geraldine’s Store (G2), Acaroid (G1), Eminency (G2), Hush Dear (G2), Winter’s Tale (G1), Explosive Bid (G3), Mintage (G3), Exile King (G2), Hail Bold King (G2), Silver Supreme (G1), Time For A Change (G1), Naskra’s Breeze (G1), Give Me Strength (G2), World Appeal (2), Tina Tina Too (G1), Royal Roberto (G2), Reinvested (G2), Crafty Propector, Mortgage Man, Exclusive One, Timely Native, Viva Sec, Nafees, Pappa Riccio, Mochila, Alla Breva, A In Sociology (G2), Kiri’s Clown, Dusk, Far Out Beast, Same Old Wish (G30, Le Famo (G2), Officious, David’s Bird (G3), Belle Nuit (G3), Sweet Velocity (G3), Latitude Forty, Belle Of Amherst, Mission Approved (G1) and many, many others.


Race Formula is now available. Please take the time to read about Race Formula which has been updated and improved. We recommend using Race Formula with Cardio4LifeTM, especially on horses with poor blood chemistry. You will see absolutely astonishing results in two weeks! These two all natural supplements act synergistically by increasing red cell count, hemoglobin and hematocrit while speeding delivery to every cell in the body with no negative side effects. Everything is positive about these products. Look at the horses that were on Race Formula for their entire careers. Race Formula was ahead of itself 30 years ago and the new and improved formula is further ahead of the times now. Race Formula is sensational when used with Cardio 4life The blood chemistry report will tell the story. Also see the attached articles.

I would like to inform you of the human benefits gained from Cardio4Life TM which include increased systemic circulation, a smooth inner lining (endothelium) of the circulatory system, greater elasticity of the arteries and melting of plaque in your circulatory system. Numerous medical studies support these claims.


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