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We have been in the thoroughbred racing and breeding business for three decades. We are privileged to represent the Jana Domino Thoroughbred foundation. We are dedicated to offering the finest ORIGINAL thoroughbred memorabilia. We have donated more than $35,000 to the NYRA backstretch charities in our 3 years of existence.

We believe that the great thoroughbred items belong in the hands of racing fans everywhere and the monies from these items can help those less fortunate who are a part of the sport. For this reason we created The Jana Domino Thoroughbred Foundation. The foundation was established in 1999 to honor and remember Jana Domino, the late daughter of trainer Carl Domino. Jana loved the horses and the people caring for them. We are dedicated to helping all aspects of the racing industry. Donations have already been made to B.E.A.T. (Backstretch employees assistance program); the day care center at Belmont Park; jockey guild; the chaplain at Belmont Park and other equine charities. We thank you for your support, and hope you will take home a piece of racing history to remember the sport we love and its people!

The Jana Domino Thoroughbred Foundation Inc. was created in conjunction with Carl Domino to honor Carl’s daughter Jana. Jana Domino embodied the best spirit of the children who are involved in the thoroughbred business, especially on the backstretch. Jana was extremely smart, very friendly and loved horses. She died at the age of 13, October 15, 1999 and the charity that bears her name was created about a year and a half after her death.

Substantial contributions have already been made to the Belmont Park Day Care Center, the Backstretch Employees Assistance Team (B.E.A.T.), the Belmont Chaplain, Disabled Jockeys Fund, as well as a host of other worthwhile causes.

The foundation is an organization created to comply with the Internal Revenue Code as an organizations described in section 501 (c) (3). The IRS describes such organizations as being organized and operated for purposes that are beneficial to the public interest. The Jana Domino Thoroughbred Foundation Inc. focuses on relief of the poor, the distressed, and the unprivileged on the backstretch. In addition to combating community deterioration, the foundation also focuses on the elimination of prejudice and discrimination.

You can research the website of the Internal Revenue Service at to readily obtain taxpayers information. You may find the Internal Revenue Service Publication 526 entitled Charitable Contributions useful in determining tax deductions for taxpayer donations. Donors can take a charitable contribution deduction if their gift or bequest is made to any company that is a 501 (c) (3) organization. Please make sure to discuss all contributions with you accountant.

The IRS has further termed the Jana Domino Foundation as a non private foundation within the meaning of section 509 (a) of the Code, because the organization is one as described in sections 509 (a) (1) and 170 (b) (9) (A) (vi). The Jana Domino Thoroughbred Foundation Inc. will provide any donor who makes a contribution of $250.00 or more, with contemporaneous written substantiation to comply with section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. In the case where the charity has provided merchandise or collectables to the donor in exchange for making a contribution, this contemporaneous written acknowledgement must include a good faith estimate of the value of the merchandise or collectible. Therefore, equine memorabilia purchased in excess of $250.00 through eBay or Sotheby’s Online Auctions or, at online stores for the benefit of the Jana Domino Thoroughbred Foundation Inc., will be accompanied by an appraisal by the seller. The IRS states that a taxpayer may not rely solely on his cancelled check to substantiate a cash contribution of $250.00 or more.