What They Say

October 20, 2013 Hello Peter, Just a courtesy email to let you that the photos have arrived at my home in Perth today.

The photos are fantastic too, just what I was hoping for. Thank you. Kind regards, Sheldon, Perth, Australia

June 20, 2012… My wife loved the gift of the pic of Secretariat. All the other stuff was just a plus. Hope we can do some more business in the future. Thanks again Keith

Mar 15, 2012 Peter I received the package you sent for the Secretariat Plate and photos. You all outdid yourself!!! The photos were such a bonus and beautiful. Thanks again for such a wonderful package. Please call anytime so we can talk racing. Shawn G sold on eBay seller pedrozorro (Peter Fox)

Feb 2, 2012 I received the framed photo. It looks great! Thanks so much. Soumitra

Dec 17, 2011 Hey Peter, I received my order today and I would just like to say how pleased and satisfied I am with your outstanding service. The picture is absolutely breathtaking! I can’t wait to give it to my boyfriend on Christmas. Thank you again for the bonus pictures and DVDs. Have a blessed and happy holiday! Sincerely, Ashley B

Nov 19, 2011 Hi Peter; Wanted to let you know we received the pictures of Secretariat. Thank you so much, the pictures are beautiful. I bought them as a gift for my wife and she fell in love with them. Also thank you so much for the bonus material, Only got to watch the one DVD so far and it was great, I know the others will be just as great. Thanks again. Have a Great Holiday. Rod P

Sept 5, 2011 Hi Peter, Just wanted to say thank you for the beautiful photo. It came out amazing and my boyfriend loves it ! Thanks for helping me and being so thoughtful. Thanks again !! Tricia B

August 3, 2011 Peter – I just received the package with the poster and all the bonuses you threw in. Thank you so much – that was very generous. Not only will the eight year old enjoy these, all my grandchildren will. You are a man of your word and then some – With best regards, Steve F.

July 7, 2011 Received the photos & Disc – Outstanding – Thanks. Ed B

June 17, 2011 Peter, Today, I received from your Gallery the most “AWESOME” picture ever, which was my Mother’s Day gift from my son. I will never forget it….a picture of Secretariat running the Belmont Stakes, signed by jockey Ron Turcott!!!! It just does not get any better!!! It was 1973 all over again…..he was the first horse that I ever watched run a race and of course he ran and won it all that year…..he was a Triple Crown winner like no other!!! I loved that horse. Thank you, for not only the main piece, but for all of the additional pictures and memorabilia that you sent. I really appreciate the personal attention that you gave to me and my son,,,,,it made my day!!!!

Warmest Regards,
Lois G

Feb 7, 2011 Peter, I just wanted to say that my father loved the Secretariat photo I gave him for Christmas. Thanks so much for you help and generosity, and hope your holidays were wonderful as well! Best, Alex J.

Dec 23, 2010 I received the package yesterday…the photo looks beautiful! And I really like the other photos you sent and I know my husband will too. Thank you again, it’s been a pleasure. Happy New Year. -Michele B

Dec. 18, 2010 Peter, I just received the package 10 minutes ago and it is beyond what I expected. Thank you so much for everything you did and I’m sure my son will be elated. I think he’s only expected the one photo and he will get more than that,. I will contact you after the new year in regards to the DVD. Again, thank you so much for everything. You actually restored by faith in mankind. I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year. Jerry

Dec 12, 2010 Got the Pics & DVDs’ Pete. Their Grrrrreat!!!. Barry

July 6, 2010 Peter, Received framed photo as scheduled and what a magnificent photo and frame, thank you very much it was well received. Hope you had a good fourth. Thank You RB.

December 2, 2009 Peter, First let me apologize for not getting back with you sooner. Phil received the photos, and everything else (wow), beautifully packaged, all safe and sound. He’s asked me a couple of times if I’ve contacted you to thank you for the extra special treatment and each time I had to admit I hadn’t. Now, HE’S being the pushy one with me! HA!

He also asked me to order another Belmont Secretariat to be sent to his brother, Charles, in Arizona. Do you have another available??? His brother has loved the horses…well, the races and the betting, to be honest, for his entire life. He’d really get a kick out of getting one of your signed photos. GM

May 23, 2009 Thank you so much for my picture. It was a surprise birthday gift for my boyfriend. HE LOVED IT!!!!!
Thank you for the other pictures you gave me too. Excellent customer service.

April 16, 2009 Peter, just wanted to let you know that I did receive you package last Friday. I opened it and, WOW, beautiful photos. Thank you so much for all the extras. Again, I do appreciate all that you sent. That B&W of Secretariat is amazing!! I’m sure my son will cherish it for years to come. I’ll send you off a quick e-mail once he has received them. LRT

Jan 4, 2009. Thanks Peter! The photo arrived today and is gorgeous. Thanks so much for the DVD. You’ve sent me a few before and I really enjoyed watching them. I’ve watched them several times, in fact. Happy New Year to you and your family. Looking forward to doing business with you in 2009. Cheryl

June 24, 2008, hi peter, i just wanted to thank you for the goodies! (Barbaro) i am very grateful for the other pic of free house. you are very generous and kind, i have you in my favorites and will continue to check out your auctions. i’m getting ready to frame all my free house stuff, he’ll always be a winner in my heart, thank you sooo much for your thoughtfulness. think peace, roz

June 2, 2008 Peter, I received your package and can’t thank you enough for the additional pictures of Ruffian and Secretariat. My wife and I are also looking forward to looking at the Secretariat and Ruffian DVDs! If life had turned out different, could you imagine the offspring! We can’t wait to see the Belmont this weekend in person, and going to Saratoga later this summer. We look forward to any opportunity to meet you and so much appreciate your efforts to get us permission to put flowers on Ruffian’s grave. We visited with the family in Maryland this week and our horse loving granddaughter can’t wait for her visit to Belmont park. Thanks again for all of your kindness.

Regards, JM P.S. Go Big Brown!
Jan 5, 2008, Hi Mr. Fox, I am writing to thank you for the bonus material you sent with the Bold Ruler photo I recently purchased, I am enjoying everything you sent. Thanks again,

Dear Pedro – this is the clearest photo that I have bought off ebay. I love it. thank you so much for all the extras…Dixie May 22, 2007

I hope you enjoyed the Breeder’s Cup. I did. I will be watching to see what Halfbridled does in the future. I was pretty impressed with her. All in all a great day and I was happy for Richard Mandella. Thank you very much. LM

Just got package #1 last night. The photos are gorgeous! Thanks. Although by my count, I only paid you for 4 of the 10. I’m glad I’m not your accountant.

Each of the pictures is really dramatic. Great additions to the coffee table portfolio you suggested.
You may think I’m nuts, but I sometimes feel that if I look at the picture of the 1978 Belmont finish long enough, Alydar will get his nose in front.
Crazy, huh? –MC

Karen June 12, 2007 Hi, Peter: So nice to be doing business with you again, and especially in reference to Ruffian. I, too, watched the TV movie about her. It was enjoyable, but the best part was seeing the archival footage of her at the end. By the way, which HBO special did you see about her?

I would love to have a print of the Barbaro photo you mentioned, and I so appreciate your including other bonus items as well. The photos I’ve gotten from you over the years remain the gems of my collection.

What did you think about that fabulous filly Rags to Riches in the Belmont? Always a pleasure talking with you, Peter.
June 9 2007


April 20, 2013 Peter, Sorry that I missed your call; things have been very busy. I wanted to let you know that the package arrived yesterday and, of course, the photos look outstanding. Thanks again……..
I think we’re due for a Triple Crown winner, no? Maybe this is the year…
Regards, Nate G

Sept 24, 2012 Hi Peter, My dad got the framed photo and other stuff last week. He loves it. I’ll give him your number to call you. Thanks, Eric

July 11, 2012 Peter, the Secretariat photograph arrived and it is amazing! I really am glad that I purchased it and it was well worth the wait. I have not had a chance to look everything else over but thank you for everything and the great packing/shipping of the photograph. Dennis B

June 13, 2012 Hi Peter, It was nice to talk to you last week. I’m just getting over the scratch of “I’ll Have Another” what a blow to racing. I received my order yesterday plus the many extras you included. My wife thought I was nuts watching old races. It brought back many memories. (I forgot that Secretariat lost to Onion) and we were there in Saratoga. getting old Thanks again. Vinny

Mar 16, 2012 Hi Peter, I just finished looking at the fabulous photos that you sent out to me. I am so grateful for them. Wow, I am reliving those years again when I stare at those horses. I can’t wait to play the DVD of Secretariat as well as Thoroughbred Hero’s. I’m thrilled. Now I have to frame everything…no way they’re coming out of the wrappers until I am standing in the Frame Store. Again, many thanks. I love the pics. Pamela 🙂

Feb 1, 2012 Rec’d my order today Feb 1st, in good shape. Photo’s are great, and already framed. Thanks very much, Jim L

Jan 21, 2012 Hi peter…Thank you so much I really loved every thing. U sent. I really enjoyed the dvds. And the pictures they look great . Thanks. Again Amy

Dec 26, 2011. Framed 16×20 “The Photo” – omg… it was wonderful !!!! thank you soooooo much !!!! cindy

Dec 1, 2010 I received my order. The pictures are beautiful! Thank you for the additional prints and DVDs. I am thrilled with my purchase. Thank you again! Ann-Margaret E.

Nov 7, 2011 Peter: My order arrived safely on Saturday (yesterday). Now, all is right with the world!

I had an opportunity to view 2 of the 3 DVDs — “Great ladies” and “Big Cap”.My most favorite item is the color pic of the beautiful, big red horse. Thanks for all the extras, Peter. Best of luck to you in your future. Sincerely, Charlene E
August 25, 2011 Thank you for the order–I truly love and am pleased with my purchase and all of the bonuses! Again, Thank you so much! Becki R

August 4, 2011 Hi Peter,……What an amazing gift I was able to give my boyfriend for his birthday! The picture and frame are amazing…and PERFECT! And we are very much looking forward to viewing the DVDs. Thank you for the extra pictures as well. All of these made his birthday this year extra-special, and I owe it all to you. You have been wonderful to work with, and I truly appreciate it. Sincerely, Amy D

Aug 1 2011 I just wanted to let you know that I received my package a few minutes ago. I am so happy and so impressed. Everything arrived in A-1 condition and I can’t thank you enough for all of the extras. I know my husband is going to be very happy too. Deb

July 3, 2011 Peter, My name is Tim L. and I live in Vancouver WA. My friend Lisa ordered the Secretariat photo w/ Ronny’s signature from you. I just received it and am very happy with. Will look great framed on my office wall. Thank you so much for the additional photos and DVDs. It was at great B-Day present for me! Sincerely, Tim

April 25, 2011, Hello, Peter: The photos, etc. arrived today; and I’m thrilled with them! Thank you so very much. I’m going out right now to get them framed, and appreciate the extra photos, particularly the one with Eddie, since I just finished the book, “The Horse That God Built” by Lawrence Scanlon, and focused on the special relationship with his groom. Thanks again, from another enthusiastic fan of Secretariat! Charlene

Feb 12, 2011 The picture is stunning. Thank you. Annelise

Feb 7, 2011 I received the photos and gave my father his gift. He was very surprised and happy with his gift. Those other photos were amazing, such as the photo of Belmont in the early 1900’s. Now my father is going to purchase a huge frame for those photos along with the certificate, like you see in restaurants in Saratoga. I am happy and very impressed with the photos as is my father. Thank you. Alex S.

Dec. 16 ,2010 Good afternoon The photo was just delivered to my door – YAY !!!!! I just wanted to touch base and say THANK YOU SOOOOOOO VERY MUCH for getting me the photo as quickly as you did! I truly appreciate the extra time you took to get this out to me after our phone conversation and you reading my email! My Husband will be thrilled to be getting this for Christmas – we are leaving for Florida on Saturday and that is why I needed it by tomorrow! I can tell from our brief conversation that this is a true passion for you and it has not gone un-noticed! I just wish more people could find such things that bring them such joy to talk about! Have a wonderful holiday season and thank you again for taking the extra time to fill my order! Kim A

October 17, 2010 Mr. Peter Fox, It was indeed a pleasure to speak with you again this evening. My wife and I are looking forward to the photo collection you are sending. Thank you also for sharing your immense knowledge and personal recollections of Thoroughbred horse racing and the rich history of these national treasures such as secretariat, affirmed, alydar of which you and I share a deep and unwaving passion for. Sincerest Regards, M. J. Indiana

December 17, 2009 Hi Peter, Sorry I missed your call. The package arrive yesterday — perfect, perfect, perfect! Thank you SO much, you’ve been great. Let’s keep in touch — maybe we can get some horses boarded down here at our farm. Talk soon … enjoy the season and your holidays! Chyrece……eBay

October 28, 2009 Mr. Fox,
I just wanted to thank you for the pictures! I received them today and they are even better than I expected! The DVDs I’ve watched so far are great too, I can’t wait to see the rest! I hope to order again from you in the future!
Thanks! A M
Jan 12, 2009 Hi Peter, the package just arrived and everything is fantastic – thanks!!! I haven’t had a chance to look at the DVDs yet but will tonight. The quality of the photos is amazing, the specks of mud on Curlin and the gleam in his eye! Who is the postcard size shot of, #5, in the DVD envelope? Thanks tons, have left you great feedback (and thanks for yours). Have a great day, Cathy.

Nov 12, 2008 Hi Peter, I received the package on Tuesday and waited until Wednesday morning to open it. Peter, all I can say is WOW!!!!!! I could not be any happier with “the photo”. The framing is perfect and I loved the placement of the signature. Thanks again for the bonus photos and DVDs. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Sincerely, JF

Jan 8, 2008 , Peter, WOW….I love the Ruffian photos. Thanks for the bonus photo of Ruffian. I’ll cherish it always. I wanted to let you know that you are the greatest. Thanks again, Phyllis

Peter, I am practically speechless and definitely overwhelmed by your great kindness and generosity. The packet of racing photos and DVDs you sent me is simply fabulous, beyond my wildest dreams. I wish I could find exactly the right words to express my deep appreciation, but at this point I’ll simply say a heartfelt thank you……Karen.. ebay buyer Aug 23, 2007
August 18, 2007 I just had to thank you, though somewhat belatedly, for your marvelous service and the lovely Acorn Stakes picture of the magnificent filly, Ruffian. I enjoyed and am enjoying the DVDs tremendously! Saw Bold Reasoning, Seattle Slews sire, on them for the first time. Thank you for your great courtesy. It has been very much appreciated!! D H

Peter, my name is RB and I live in Louisville, KY – Derby City USA.
I inquired about a Secretariat photo you had for sale on e-bay and you responded to me back on February 1st. I ended up purchasing that item and received it from yesterday. What a great photo! I will have it framed and up on the wall it goes. Steve

August 17, 2007 Peter, I received the photos and DVD’s. I wanted to Thank You for the extra photos and the DVD’s that you sent. I’m very happy with everything. I don’t think I have any Ruffian photos until the one you sent and that is a great shot of her. I appreciate the extra items that you sent. I look forward to getting more photos from you. You don’t see many people or any that will do what you do. You went above and beyond. I hope other ebayers and buyers of yours know just how generous you are. Your # 1 as far as I’m concerned. nd list of photos also. I will been checking your web site for other photos and your ebay auctions. Thank You Very Much. Take Care, MP

Friday, June 27, 2008
To: Peter Fox
Subject: Recent order Peter…….Just to let you know I got the two photos of Secretariat I’d ordered a few weeks back. Thanks, they’re super. Thanks for the extra stuff too.

July 16, 2013 Peter, I received the photo today. It is truly beautiful and well worth the wait. Thanks very much! Regards, Rob J Canada

June 18, 2012 Thanks, Peter! The picture is awesome! I appreciate all the extras you sent as well. Cheers, Leesa J

May 20, 2012 Dear Peter, I wanted to thank you for the great autographed photo of Secretariat that you sent to my daughter as a Mother’s Day gift for me. It was very kind of you to send additional photos and the DVD’s! I remember Secretariats triple crown races very well ( I was eleven at the time, and an avid rider). I am not sure we will ever see another horse of his caliber in my lifetime he was just so special. Thanks again for the great photos! Kind Regards, Jen D

Feb 2, 2012 Dear Peter, My Secretariat package arrived today! I can’t thank you enough! I am thrilled with all the photos and dvd’s. Everything arrived safely and I can hardly wait to get them framed and hanging in our home and office. These pictures have brought back so many wonderful memories and I thank you. Best regards, Connie A

Dec 5 2011 I received my photo on Saturday (12/3) and I must say how delighted I was to see all the little “extras” I had not anticipated. In addition to the photo I requested were two more and the CD-ROMs were awesome. I have never seen all three of Secretariat’s races and they were LEGENDARY. Thank you so much for your top notch materials.Patricia N

Nov 27, 2011 Good morning Peter, I wanted to let you that I received my order this morning and the pictures are breath taking. I trust that you had a happy thanksgiving and doing well. I will be in touch about the Smarty Jones picture after Christmas. You have been such a pleasure to talk to and I hope we can continue to keep in touch. I was very surprised to get the small picture and delighted as I can put it on my desk next to my baby?s picture. Talk with you soon. Kathy (southernbelle)

Nov 8, 2011 Pete!!!!! AWESOME – Got the photos, last night, and a big big thank you. Greatly appreciate it. The other photo you sent for Ron to sign is going to be awesome, we cannot thank you enough! When i opened the package, my son was screaming, horrrsseeeyyy, horrssseey! Thank you again. Mike H

Sept 7, 2011 Hello Peter. Just wanted to confirm we received the package you sent on Saturday. The framed picture is just as we hoped and the addition of the other photos and the DVDs was an added surprise. My husband is extremely happy with the gift and I want to thank you for the care you have taken it putting it together and adding the other materials. It has been a pleasure doing business with you in finding a gift which was just right. Regards, Rosanne O

August 27, 2011 Pics got here late Thursday afternoon. They are beautiful and well worth the wait. Thanks. Aloha, Sandy

August 16, 2011 Peter: It arrived today and it’s gorgeous, thanks so much for doing this. I’ve packed tons of stuff for shipping, and you did a superb job on this item, came through perfectly. Thanks again! Mike C

July 21, 2011 Hello Peter, I received my order yesterday and I feel like it?s Christmas in July! You put together an awesome package for me. The bonus dvd?s with vintage race footage is incredible. All the great horses. Watching brought back memories. Quality entertainment! The picture I ordered of the great Ruffian is amazing and the extra pictures you threw in just makes it that much better if that?s possible. The smaller photo of Secretariat , the greatest race horse EVER and my boyhood sports hero already has a spot on my desk at work. As a matter of fact I already have my eye on another one of your Secretariat photos. So get ready, you?ll be hearing from me soon. Thank you Peter for the great work on my order and God bless you. Steve F

July 13, 2011 Hello Peter, I want to thank you for the beautiful framed autographed 24×20 photo of Secretariats 31 length victory in the Belmont. It was worth the wait. Peter, once again my friend I thank you…… Fred

June 21, 2011 Hi Peter, I picked up the photo today including the Certificate of Authenticity ? you were right – well worth waiting for. Great photo of Secretariat?s victory with her well ahead of the other horses. I am sure that Scott will be very pleased. Once again thank you. Armand

May 15, 2011 Dear Peter, Just wanted to drop you a note to extend my sincere thanks for the speedy service on my last minute order. You were absolutely wonderful to work with. You helped me make a dear friends Birthday (and I quote) her best EVER. She has always loved, “The Savage” and was so thrilled with her gift. The Secretariat photos and DVDs were the icing on the cake. With Sincere thanks, Bernadette

P.S. I’ll give her your number so you and her brother can, “talk horses with her.”

May 4, 2011 Peter, Thank you so very much. You are too generous. My husband LOVES the photos. He is such a big fan of Secretariat. His face lit up when he saw them. I don’t think thank you is enough….but thank you. Best regards, Judy D

May 4, 2011 I got the photo today – it is great! Thanks! Ann W

Dec 24, 2010 Hey Peter, Just wanted to let you know that my dad called me tonight, and he was so excited about the pictures. This is probably the first time he has EVER sounded really excited about a gift I had sent him. Actually, I don’t believe he has ever called me as soon as he has gotten a gift from me…usually the next day or so. I am so glad I found your site! Please let me know when the new Secretariat picture will be released (the one on your home page). I LOVE that shot! Take care and have a great Christmas! Dawn

Dec 22, 2010 Hello, Peter ?I wanted to let you know that the Framed Secretariat picture just arrived. It?s gorgeous! And thanks for all the extra pictures and DVDs. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Donna L

Dec 20, 2010 Hi Peter, Thanks for the phone message the other day. I just received the photos/DVDs today. They are wonderful! Thanks so much for the extras as well. I really appreciate it. My daughter and I will enjoy watching the film clips this week! Have a great Christmas/Winter break! Regards, Rosanne

Dec 7, 2010 I received the package today. The photos are awesome…….. (we did good) She will love them. Thank You for the additional photos and CD’s, (they weren’t necessary), but who am I to offend a New Yorker. Thanks Again Peter. Your Friend, Shawn

December 3, 2010 Peter, I got my photos and DVD’s in the mail today…They are awesome! I can’t wait to give them to my mom! Thanks so much! -M E

November 19,2010 Dear Peter: Oops, I just figured it out. It’s the Track Photographer, Bob Coglianese. You sent us such a gift, Peter. What a wonderful opportunity! My husband still tears up to look at the two photos. To him they are truly priceless. so your extra kindness to us was not taken for granted. He can’t wait to get them custom-framed. We are very satisfied customers. Again, thank you so much. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Sincerely, DR

Feb 18 2009 I just wanted to type you a little letter telling how much I enjoy the package you put together for me!! I have watched half the DVD’s and I already have the pictures framed. I am beyond satisfied with what all you sent, it was way more than expected. I really enjoyed watching the races between Alydar & Affirmed and also?Ruffians career plus the many many more.?I thank you so much for your generosity!! ?I’m now trying to decide who’s pictures I would like to get next. I will definitely be getting in touch with you again to order more. Once again thank you for your wonderful generosity, you have a great collection! Thankfully, Amanda C

December 2008 Peter-

I did receive the photo, other goodies and your phone message. The photo looks great and I love the certificate. Thank you so much. I can’t wait for husband to open it on Christmas.

I’m sure Secretariat was even more magnificent in person….
Regards and Happy Holidays, Gina
December 5, 2008 Mr. Fox, I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful print as well as the extra photos and DVDs. That was extremely generous of you and my dad is going to absolutely love all of it! I will pass your number along to him once he receives his presents. Thanks again! Lisa M.
Dec 23, 2007 I received my beautiful picture of Ruffian at the Acorn Stakes today and much to my surprise, I also received 3 DVD’s and the picture of Secretariat, the other with Ruffian and another small Ruffian picture. I am beside myself with happiness!

My wife actually intercepted them and framed all 3 big ones and surprised me about 30 minutes ago! (She bought frames and matting and put them together) so all 3 are hung in a place of honor in my bedroom. I took down a couple Van Gogh prints to make room for them, so you know how much I love them!

You went far beyond what was required and I want you to know it means a lot to me….You are a true man of character- At first I thought my wife just got “taken” on the internet but boy was I wrong. Your generosity is greatly appreciated and I sincerely wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Take care Mr. Fox, Jamey
June 16, 2007…ebay customer

The photos are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you for everything. (It was worth the wait.) I will update your feedback. Thanks again. Julie

Peter- Please accept my apology for not writing sooner to thank you for the DVDs you sent me, as well as the extra prints. I was so excited to watch all of them and of course, thoroughly enjoyed them! And the prints, well, they are just gorgeous and the three together will do much to improve any wall:) I really, really appreciate your generosity and kindness for sending the extra items. I will be sure to return to your site in the future! Best, MB 9/17/2007

Well I just received my package and I am blown away once again by you Peter. I was like a little kid at Christmas opening up the envelope. Your generosity is truly appreciated. When we finally get together coffee is on me. Thank very much, Al

From ebay – Aug 6, 2007 Peter, Thank you soooo much. Everything was very beautiful and I appreciate everything you did for me. Words can’t express how I feel. Thank you again. C N

Sept 17, 2007 Hello Peter, Just a quick note to let you know that I got the photo in great condition and to thank you for all of the extras you sent. The pictures are stunning. I look forward to putting a custom frame on the largest and getting all of them up on my walls. Thank you very much! Jennifer from Canada

Peter–Thanks for the great deal, especially the inclusion of the fabulous DVD. You’re such a pleasure do deal with, I tried to reflect that on feedback, but don’t have much space. I can’t tell you how happy I am with the transaction. I’ll keep watching your Secretariat stuff, hope we meet again soon! Be well, happy new year!! Brad
eBay customer June 20, 2007 Hi, Just a quick note to let you know that I received your package yesterday and it was like Christmas in June. Are you sure you sent me the correct package? Not only did I receive the beautiful Secretariat Collage I also received a photo of Barbaro, a gorgeous photo of Secretariat entering Belmont prior to running that race, and two CD’s one of Secretariat and one of Barbaro. If this was to really all come to me, you have become my “hero” seller. Please let me know. I would hate for some buyer out there to be waiting for this wonderful package and then only get the collage photo that I won at this auction. (Which I thought was a great win by itself.) Carol

7/27/2007 – I was the successful bidder on this photo in your last auction. wanted to let you know how beautiful it is and how much I’m enjoying it. the ebay comment section doesn’t leave much room for one to be verbose! I’m taking it w/me next week when i go to an event at Saratoga. all of the secretariat principals should be in attendance. thanks again. you are a very professional person. …ebay buyer bsx

Sept 18, 2007 Dear Peter – Your package arrived safely and I have already watched the Triple Crown and Ruffian anthology DVDs. I cried all the way through the Ruffian one. (I’m really such a sap I guess). But watching her run the way she did made what happen to her all the more painful to think about. She never looked like she was racing. She looked like a wild horse running freely – just completely loving to run. She was so magnificent and so beautiful. It is so unfair how her life ended.

When I first saw the headline yesterday “Rags to Riches Injured”, I nearly lost my breath with fear. I am so happy to know she will be okay. It would be nice to see her come back as the champion she is and race next year but I wouldn’t be disappointed if she didn’t and just got to run around and be a happy horse.

Thank you so much for everything you sent. The photos and Ruffian’s career DVD I will cherish forever. I feel so lucky to have them, to have such a keepsake and to be able to watch her run whenever I want to. I just honestly can’t think how to thank you enough. Most sincerely, Dani.

Dear Peter.
I received the photographs that I ordered today along with the two extra photo’s that you sent me of Secretariat and Ruffian. The beautiful color photo of the statuesque Ruffian cantering at the Acorn Stakes is breathtaking and the black and white photo from the Comely Stakes shows the look of power and beauty combined. The Secretariat photographs are amazing, the Bay Shore workout photo, WOW, and the color photo of the Belmont post parade is gorgeous, he looks so calm and relaxed. I will treasure these photos, they are a part of American history. I must tell you how much I appreciate your kindness and generosity in sending me these two extra photographs. I can’t wait to view the two DVD’S that you included, again, I thank you so much for that.

I wish you continued success and I will definitely remain a loyal customer.

Regards. LH-F Feb 19, 2007

Aloha Peter, I hope your holidays were happy, and your New Year is both productive and pleasant. I knew right away that my holidays were going to be just right when I received my pictures from you. The ones I won are every bit as beautiful as I have always expected from you; but the Ruffian Spinaway is the ultimate best. Thank you for being so generous! You don’t know how much I have wanted to place a bid on this particular photo but couldn’t afford it, so it is particularly welcome. I hope to be able to do business with you again soon. Meanwhile, have a great 2007. I will talk to you again. Sincerely, Maura 1/7/2007 ebay

The photograph of Spectacular Bid’s walkover in The Woodward still
astonishes me. He ran (in hand) a 2:02.2 mile and quarter without
competition to be eligible to collect the winner’s purse.

I have been fortunate to see many great thoroughbreds in action, but
being able to watch “The Bid” six times when he came out west to
start his four-year-old campaign was a treat. He is the best thoroughbred
I have ever seen in person, and probably the greatest never to win the triple crown.

Finally, the photograph of Forego is a keeper. I believe that was his final
victory of his career. He beat Dr. Patches by a neck in a $25K allowance
at Belmont to start his eight-year-old campaign. Mrs. Gerry did the right
thing and retired the old man after his tiring performance a month later in
the Suburban H.

He was legend through and through, and we will never see the likes of him
carrying the weight he was assigned. I hope at his retirement, Belmont’s
racing secretary gave him a break and allowed him just to carry his jock!

I just wanted to let you know that you have made a thoroughbred player and most importantly a collector very happy. I can’t put a price on these photos, and I won’t. These will remain protected in one of many binders of photos I already have.

When I have more time, I am likely going to order through you some individual photographs of Alydar. Most of the other sites usually couple Alydar with Affirmed. Take care! – Jim 3/23/2007
“I received the Foolish Pleasure photo today and am thrilled with it. Thanks again, it is always a pleasure to buy from you.” DN

Peter–Thanks for the great deal, especially the inclusion of the fabulous DVD. You’re such a pleasure do deal with, I tried to reflect that on feedback, but don’t have much space. I can’t tell you how happy I am with the transaction. I’ll keep watching your Secretariat stuff, hope we meet again soon! Be well, happy new year!! Brad 1/3/2007

Peter, I received package on Saturday ,got to look at it Sunday and it was like an early Christmas gift. you went over and beyond and I thank you very much for the extra photos and DVDs. You are a class act and a credit to the horse racing field. thanks again BOB L. 12/17/2006.

I received the package today!
Thank you very much for all the extra goodies you put in there, it is much appreciated. Can’t wait to see his reaction. I will definitely keep you in mind for more gifts!! All the best, RC

I received the Left Bank saddle cloth today. I am exceptionally pleased with the quality of the cloth. I had a frame ready for it when it arrived so now it is ready to be displayed in my house. Thanks for the excellent photos, they will be the perfect accompaniment for the saddle cloth. I was fortunate enough to see Left Bank race at Saratoga… the most thrilling being his victory in the Whitney handicap. Once again thanks for the high quality saddle cloth of one of my favorite horses. If you need anything for the Jana Domino Foundation feel free to give me a call. Sincerely, J M

Hi, Peter:
I don’t know if I ever told you that I was a freelance court reporter, but I am and I spend tons of time sitting at my desk at home editing transcripts and perched on top of said desk is that lovely, lovely Ruffian photo that you went to such great pains to procure for me. I feel compelled to thank you just one more time for doing so. It is the absolute jewel of my collection. Hope things are going well! KL

Hello Peter My regrets in getting this note of thanks off to you ? it?s been a hectic week.

To say I?m extremely impressed and thankful for all that you are offering is an understatement. I truly do appreciate it! I was, and will always remain, a big fan of The Bid if not even more since his passing. I?ve been to Milfer Farms in Unadilla, NY. Seeing the other greats on video (I?ve never seen footage of Dr. Fager actually putting in those brilliant runs as he did) will be an exceptional treat.

I?d be very interesting in learning more about the past video magazine effort in general. One would assume that it was well ahead of its time in concept and with the VHS still not hitting its full stride I can only imagine the idea was great but the economics challenged. Those who enjoy TB racing – especially seeing the gods of the track who have been few and far between since the early 1980?s ? I?d think would love to see an offering like this today on DVD. Especially when it features those hard to find, but Hall of Fame heavyweights like Big Red and Bid. This DVD will certainly make for a wonderful holiday item. My thanks again and happy holidays to you and yours as well. PM

April 17, 2007 Hi Peter, I wanted to let you know that the Ruffian photos & DVD arrived today. Thank you, the 2 photos will make a lovely grouping and the DVD is totally awesome. I never met Ruffian, but I did follow her career. To have seen her, is to never forget her. Thank you again. Susi

Hi Peter.
I know it is late on both coasts, but I got home a couple of hours
ago from a business trip and I am looking at my mail. Thank you
very much for everything. I’ll sample the DVD’s later, but the photographs are spectacular.
Hello Peter,

Sorry it has taken me so long to write. Guess I have just been wrapped up in the rush of the holidays. Additionally, my husband and I are packing for our move to Lynchburg, VA.

In any case, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful auction items (Secretariat, Forego, and Alydar and Affirmed). I absolutely love them! The quality surpasses expectations! And an extra special thanks for including the two extra photos. They are just fantastic! What a treat it is doing business with you! I have only ever heard good things about you (you have quite an excellent reputation on eBay, it seems), and I know from previously items I have purchased from you since I started bidding on eBay in June that you are a top-class seller. It is such a comfort to bid on items when you know you can trust the seller. Thanks for being such a sterling example for others.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy new year! Tina

Dear Pete, I received THE PHOTO last night….and ran out to buy frames! Thank you so much for your generosity and great service. I will continue to review your site for future purchases as well as refer you to other horse enthusiasts. PK 1/4/2007


The photo arrived today and it is worth waiting for. It is more gorgeous than I could have imagined. Thank you very much for such safe and careful packing. Can’t wait to look at the DVD. I have your website marked as one where I can get special horse photographs. Thanks again. Judy

From eBay winning bidder: Good afternoon – I just wanted to let you know that I received my items today and they are fabulous! Thank you for also including the bonus items, I am a HUGE Ruffian fan so they are a excellent additions to my collection. I left positive feedback for you this afternoon. Thank you again for such great items. – Laura
Hello Peter,

The Little Current Belmont has arrived. It came out quite nicely and I am pleased. Thank you, you are a fine seller and I hope we do business again in the future.

My Best regards to you,