Horses are asked to perform functions that escalate their core body temperature. These environmental and performance factors can put your equine companion at risk; sometimes fatally.

Under normal circumstances, nature equips a horse to handle the heat and humidity of his environment. Like humans, they sweat. This process of diaphoresis and evaporation is indigenous to the anatomy of the horse.
Research shows that the two most effective methods to cool your horse are by hydrating and properly applying ice. The solution to the former is water; to the latter, the Equilace.

The Equilace is like an insurance policy, designed to uniquely and strategically deliver the cooling effect of the ice to the area of critical need ….. the chest where there is a large concentration of blood vessels close to the skin.

Why is this important? The blood is what carries the heat built up in the muscles to the surface of the skin where it can evaporate.
The unique, patent-pending strapping system guarantees a perfect fit on any size horse and the optional groom-pouch allows you to carry the Equilace hands-free so that you will always maintain clear control of your horse.

The Equilace was created for use in all equine disciplines, with its application preeminent in thethree most important issues affecting your horse:

* As a safety precaution to help insure the health of your horse post
performance by accelerating the cool-down as immediately as

* As a dehydration stop-gap in environments of extreme heat and/or